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Row of Handbags

Row of Handbags

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Kermit’s One Month Birthday

It is now a month since Kermit was born. Since then his name has been expanded to Kermit E.G. Robinson, because on the Inspire forum I was asked to post a photo of him, and someone said he looked like a Chicago gangster from an old movie! I replied that perhaps they had Edward G. Robinson in mind – he did have rather a squashed froggy face lol!! So, Kermit E.G. Robinson is born.

Unlike other babies, Kermit E.G. Robinson is not growing with time – he is shrinking! To begin with he was a nice perfect circle measuring 40 mm in diameter, but now he has gone rather egg-shaped, and measures between 25 and 30 mm – ish. Hopefully he will settle down to a nice round again, but apparently no stomas are perfect…

My hubby went out shopping this a.m. and came back with this:

Kermit Card Closed 28-4-15

I opened it, and out Kermit popped!

Kermit Card Open 28-4-15

Isn’t he making a big splash as he makes his entry into the world? Hopefully he won’t be creating too many (brown) splashes during our lifetime!

I think my hubby is very clever to have found him such an appropriate birthday card.


Nannie4 said...

How perfect! Your hubby is awesome. 😀

Shaz Brooks said...

Hi Shoshi, Nicholas must have hunted high and low to find such a perfect card! I'm hoping Kermit is behaving well for you. Its surprising how fast the time goes past, isn't it?
Sending you both love & hugs,
Shaz xxx


Dear Shoshi, I just wanted to pop by again and thank you for your message. I know how tiring it can be replying to messages and keeping up when you are unwell, (although uplifting) I do appreciate it very much. I fully know how the chemo may take it's toll on you. I've had a hell of a year with a very close family member being very ill with chemo treatments. Be as kind to yourself as you can during that six months and it will pass. As soon as you are off the drugs again I hope you feel so much better. Keep your spirits up doing all your favourite things. May I also congratulate your husband for all that he does for you ... the carers are sometimes forgotten but he is doing an outstanding job. Take care dear friend Shoshi, love Carolyn xx

ps. no need to reply ... just know that I am thinking of you!
With love xx

Anne said...

Hi Shoshi just popping in to say hello and see how you are. That card is fabulous- how clever and thoughtful of your DH. Hugs Anne x